Drum Play Along Tracks – Trading Fours and Eights


Jazz drum play along tracks to master your Jazz drums trading fours and eights. Perfect your timing and increase your creativity. A powerful way to improve.


Customer Comments

Develop “confident” sense of rhythm

That’s what these drum play along tracks do. They work! -Brian H.

So much fun

The tracks are swinging and sounding excellent and is so much fun to play to it. And the best way of practicing / enjoying the trading. -Stefan H.

Really useful stuff!

An excellent way to practice trading. Well recorded with a great mixture of tunes/ different feels. Really good time throughout as well (even when the bass drops out!!) – Keith H.


Jazz Drum Play Along Tracks For Trading Fours And Eights

Master your Jazz drums trading fours and eights with these Jazz drum play along tracks. These drumless tracks give you focused drum practice in Jazz Swing 4/4 and 3/4 and Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba.

This drum play along tracks value bundle, includes all of the Jazz Swing and Bossa Nova and Samba drumless tracks at a nice price! Save 20% on hours of fun and improve your drum solo timing and creativity.

Here Are Some Tips For Improving Your Drum Play Along Timing

The most challenging drum play along tracks in this collection are the ones without bass playing behind the drum solo fours and eights. Here are some tips to help you improve your time and master these tracks.

6 tips for the Trading Fours and Eights drumless tracks:

  1. Count subdivisions out loud without playing drums to check how accurate your timing is. For example count triplets, 1/4 note triplets or 1/4 notes.
  2. Don’t play but sing your solos. This will get you to tap into a greater creative center in your brain and connect you more deeply to the both the music and the pulse of the tempo.
  3. Go back to the tracks with the bass and really listen to see if your soloing is lining up with the bass 1/4’s. You’ll probably discover some places where you are naturally speeding up or slowing down. Fix those and then move on to the bass-less tracks again.
  4. Play only half note or quarter note drum solos during your fours or eights, nothing fancy. This will force you to focus and line up your playing with the quarter note pulse.
  5. All in all, playing with simplicity and focusing on time will serve you well.  After you feel confident playing simply, start to add more notes. 
  6. Just keep at it and you will start to feel a more solid pulse during that solo time.

Why Are These Drumless Tracks So Helpful?

Trading fours and eights is when a member of a Jazz band plays a solo for four or eight measures and another member then solos for the same amount of time.  Trading fours and eights is usually used between the drummer and other members of a band.

These Jazz drum play alongs are expertly crafted to help you improve your solo timing and creativity. With various mix options, you can even have the bass play time during your fours and eights to help you feel 4 and 8-measure phrases.  This helps you to know when to start and end your soloing.

If you want to become good, I mean really good at trading fours and eights, these drumless tracks are a powerful tool to help you get there.

All Drum Play Along Tracks Are Based On Jazz Standards

INCLUDES 3 MIX VERSIONS OF EACH SONG (Bass plays during drum solos, no bass during drum solos, bass only):

Jazz Swing

  • ROUTE 66

Bossa Nova and Samba


Download includes:

  • Two ZIP files containing 36 high-fidelity MP3’s totaling 256 MB.

Note: Every drumless track collection has unique songs. No songs are shared in multiple collections.

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Other Buying Options For These Drum Play Along Tracks

Get the these drum play along tracks and all of the drum charts (drum sheet music) for an amazing price. Click the image below to learn more.

Drum play along tracks to improve your Jazz drum soloing.


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