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Modern Jazz by some of the most gifted musicians and composers in Japan. Blending Jazz, Hip Hop, Classical and Soul into sonic perfection.

Modern Jazz music looking toward the future

I recorded with a group of young and powerful modern jazz musicians in 2019 and this is the result of that recording project.  Very challenging and fun music all around. We fused, Jazz, Hip Hop, Classical and Soul to create a unique sound.  Compositionally, there were no boundaries.  In the playing, we were fearless!

A pandemic and modern Jazz

We were just starting to take off in the Fall of 2019 and then COVID-19 hit. All of our festival and other gigs were cancelled.  We had some serious momentum and were gaining a following throughout Japan and the US. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll ride again. In the meantime please enjoy!

More about this modern Jazz album

The album title is from one of the songs Flying Humanoid.  The image is of a person flying through the air in some sort of jet suit.  Actually, this kind of technology is not to far off in the future.

The mood of this modern Jazz album is intense, relaxing, grooving and pensive all rolled into one. No matter what mood you’re in, there’s a song on this album to match it.

Check out the sample tracks above. This is an exclusive release for digital download only available here at! You can’t even stream it on any platform!

About the modern Jazz band members

I named the group the Future Jazz Quartet because of how the compositions are not constrained to traditional Jazz song forms or arranging.  The other band members are also much younger than me so I feel they represent the future of Jazz.  The two elements created a very fresh modern Jazz.

Band members include:

今井晴萌 Harumo Imai (tenor sax)
葭葉愛子 Aiko Yoshiba (pf/key)
磯部直樹 Naoki Isobe (bass)
ボンバロン Von Baron (drums)

Track Listing for FLYING HUMANOID


    • FLYING HUMANOID (9:28) (Aiko Yoshiba – composer)
    • PARADISE (8:16) (Harumo Imai – composer)
    • ETUDE FOR ELDAR (11:09) (Aiko Yoshiba – composer)
    • PERFUME (6:40) (Naoki Isobe – composer)
    • FREESTYLE (6:50) (Von Baron – composer)
    • AUTUMN IN AKITA (6:19) (Von Baron – composer)
    • REBEL WEED (9:09) (Harumo Imai – composer)
    • FOG (5:54) (Naoki Isobe – composer)
    • COLD AND RAINY (8:49) (Naoki Isobe – composer)
    • GIG AGAIN (1:10) (Aiko Yoshiba – composer)

Recording info:

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer:
万波幸治 Koji Mannami
草野肇 Hajime Kusano

Download includes:

  • One 101 MB ZIP file containing all 10 high-fidelity MP3’s.

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