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Drum lessons online to learn the many styles we play in Jazz drumming, trading fours and eights, drum fills, drum brushes, Jazz drums comping and more.

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Thanks so much for your interest in my online private drum lessons! Please read below to book, pay and register for your online private drum lessons. – Von

Follow These 3 Steps For My Online Drum Lessons

Step #1: Please click here to book your lessons.

Step #2: Then pay for your single lesson or lessons package above on this page.

Step #3: Finally, I’ll send you an email to register on the Forte music lesson platform  and join my studio (see below for instructions).

Got questions about booking your lessons? Please feel free to contact me at vonbaron(at) and I’ll get back to you the same day.

Customer Comments

“Thank you for the phenomenal drum lessons online, Von! They are exactly what I needed. And thank you for the recording – the audio & video came out great! Your setup is right on the money.”

-Matt J. (Zoom Lessons User)


“You brought the fun and joy of learning music back to my son, and I can’t thank you enough.”

Rizwan Y. (Father of a Zoom lessons student)


“Von was very supportive, knowledgeable and reactive.”

-Eric W. (Zoom Lessons User)


“Super helpful video. It was a very very useful session and I will work on tips/homework starting today.”

-Brian H. (Video Exchange Lessons User)

Learn more below about how get connected for my online private lessons below.  It’s incredibly easy.

How to connect using Forte online drum lessons:

  • I use the Forte music lesson platform for my online drum lessons. Unlike Zoom, it is so easy to use and the sound and video quality are better.  It’s also free.

  • No need for an expensive microphone or camera either. Your standard laptop, desktop running Google Chrome or Apple iPads running Safari will work just fine.  Other tablets and mobile devices will be added in the near future.

  • After booking your lessons, pay for your lessons here at store and then I’ll send you an email to register at Forte and to join my studio if you’re a first-timer.  On your Forte student dashboard you’ll see the a video camera icon. Click on that at the time of your lesson and you’ll be connected (see below).  It’s really that simple!

It’s So Easy To Take Drum Lessons Online

Through private 1-hour Forte drum lessons online, I can help you improve your Jazz drumming in every area of playing and performing. Learn the many styles we play in Jazz drumming, trading fours and eights, drum fills, brushes, Jazz drums comping and more.

One of the most popular Google search phrases for learning drums is “drumming lessons near me.” Technology is finally making it easier for us to learn drums online from anywhere in the World.  Even in our own homes and it doesn’t get nearer than that!

Drum Lessons Online With Forte

Forte is a video music lessons platform used by many music teachers around the World.  Below are snapshots of my 4 camera angles for my Forte drum lessons. These 4 views help you learn new concepts and techniques fast.

Taking drum lessons online is the way of the future and makes it possible for us to work together no matter where you are in the World. I also have discounted drum lesson packages that will save you money.  You can make your selection above.

Learn Drums With Video Exchange Lessons

Another option to support your drumming is through sharing videos.  The way it works, is you send me a video no longer than 10 minutes of your playing and something you need help with. I will then send an instruction video back to you within 48 hours.  In it, I will detail what you can do to play what you are trying to play.

This is a great option for drummers with little time for in-person lessons. I also have discounted pricing for 4 lessons at a time to save you money. You can make your selection by clicking on the “Book Your Lessons” button above.

Zoom and Video Exchange Lessons Comparison

Drum lessons online to learn Jazz drumming.


Jazz Drum School Courses

Be sure to also check out my online Jazz drumming courses at One-time payment for lifetime access to many helpful Jazz drumming video lessons.  Work on beginner Jazz drumming,  drumming with brushes, Jazz Funk, Latin Drumming, Drum set independence and much more.

Benefits Of Drum Lessons Online With Me

  • You will learn what YOU want to learn. Every lesson plan is unique and tailored to the student. I know most people don’t have loads of extra time. I will teach you what you need, to achieve your drumming goals the fastest.
  • Teaching over 10,000 drum lessons has taught me how to help you learn new and sometimes challenging drumming skills as quickly as possible.
  • You will learn drumming exercises, concepts, tips and tricks from my 35 + years of professional drumming in recording studios and on stage.  Learn drumming skills that are important in the “Real World” of drumming. We will spend 100% of our lesson time on drumming skills you can use on the bandstand.
  • Following our lesson, a video of our session will be emailed to you. You can then review your lesson as many times as you like. This is a great way to learn!
  • For regular students a private student page on my lessons website will be created. Practice songs, PDF’s and other helpful tools that we discuss in drum lessons will be uploaded there.  You can access your page at anytime.
  • Purchasing a drum lesson package saves you 10-15% on each lesson.

Drum Lessons Online For Beginner To Advanced Drummers

Any level of Jazz drumming is okay for Forte private lessons or video exchange Jazz drumming lessons.  To get an idea of my teaching style, feel free to check out my drumming YouTube channel I’m looking forward our lessons. -Von

Jazz Drum School Email

Join my monthly email and get 2 free 1-minute drum lessons each month to improve your drumming.


Here’s a YouTube drum lesson on how to solo on the drums. This will give you a feel for my teaching style.

Please also take a moment and view some videos of my playing style and ability. 



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Online Drum Lessons (Select)

1 Forte Drum Lesson ($60 per lesson), 4 Forte Drum Lessons ($55 per lesson), 8 Forte Drum Lessons ($50 per lesson), Video Exchange 1 Lesson ($25 per lesson), Video Exchange 4 Lessons ($20 per lesson)


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