Drummer Brushes Drum Track – Jazz Waltz 115 BPM


A medium tempo drummer brushes drum track perfect for practicing guitar, piano, bass, sax and vocals in swinging 3/4. Great for your original music too.


Drummer Brushes Jazz Waltz Drum Track

This is a medium-tempo drummer brushes Jazz Waltz drum track. It’s based on the form of the song What A Wonderful World made famous by Louis Armstrong.  Usually this song is performed in 4/4 but I arranged it over a 3/4 time signature to spice it up a bit.

How To Use This Drummer Brushes Drum Track

I recorded all the subtly and warm tone of the drum brushes in this 6-minute drum track.   This drummer brushes drum track will add inspiration to your 3/4 music practice.  As with all of my drum tracks, I played continuously from beginning to the ending of this track.   There is no looping.

Enjoy the sound and feeling of playing with real drums during your music practice.  Feel free to also add this drum track into your own musical compositions and music arrangements.  It’s a great way to add the sound of real drums giving your music a more earthy, acoustic sound.

Included with this download are a full stereo mixed version and the stems for each microphone.  “Stems” are each of the individually recorded tracks used in the stereo mix.  Stems give you a lot more flexibility in balancing the sound of the drum set.  Using stems also helps you match the dynamics and timing of your own music compositions.

I play many drum fills naturally throughout this recording. Feel free to cut and paste parts of this Jazz Swing drum backing track and use the drum fills wherever you want to place them in your compositions.

These drum tracks are great for bassists, pianists, sax players, vocalists and guitarists who want to practice with authentic Jazz brushes in a 3/4 Swing feel.

Worldwide Rights

By purchasing this download for a nominal fee, you also receive worldwide licensing rights in perpetuity to use this sound source in your multi-media projects.

About the download


  • WONDERFUL WORLD 115 BPM – FULL DRUM MIX – For Practice (192K MP3) – (6:04)
  • WONDERFUL WORLD 115 BPM – FULL DRUM MIX – Production Quality (24-Bit 48K) – (6:04)
  • WONDERFUL WORLD – BASS DRUM – 115 BPM  (24-Bit 48K) – (6:04)
  • WONDERFUL WORLD – HI-HAT – 115 BPM  (24-Bit 48K) – (6:04)
  • WONDERFUL WORLD – LEFT OVERHEAD – 115 BPM  (24-Bit 48K) – (6:04)
  • WONDERFUL WORLD – RIGHT OVERHEAD – 115 BPM  (24-Bit 48K) – (6:04)
  • WONDERFUL WORLD – SNARE DRUM – 115 BPM  (24-Bit 48K) – (6:04)

Download includes:

  • One 490 MB ZIP file that contains both the MP3 and WAV files.

After your payment is processed you will receive an email with your download link. You can also download your product on the order confirmation page after payment.

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