Online Drum Lessons – Learn To Play Jazz Drums

Online drum lessons to help you learn Jazz drumming beats, drum fills, and drum soloing with drum brushes and drum sticks. For drummers of all skill levels.


Online Drum Lessons For All Drummers

Online drum lessons designed to help you learn Jazz drumming beats, drum fills, and drum soloing with drum brushes and drum sticks. Included are Jazz drum lessons for drummers of all skill levels.

One-Time Payment. Lifetime Access.

These are Online drum lessons in Jazz drumming without the expensive monthly subscription.  You pay one time for each course and it’s yours forever. Below is a sample video from my Secrets Of Jazz Drumming course.

Next is a sample from my Brushes Mastery Course.

Online Drum Lessons For Jazz Drumming

There are loads of videos and websites out there about how to play Jazz on the drums.  Blog posts (like my own drumming blog) and videos are available at your fingertips.

With all of this information, shouldn’t it be easy to get better at Jazz drumming? Well, not so much.

It’s my estimate that about 50-60% of Jazz drumming education on the Internet isn’t really that helpful to learn Jazz on the drums.  What you need are step-by-step drum lessons that walk you through the core concepts and exercises you’ll need to grow your Jazz drumming skills.   My courses at Jazz Drum School do this consistently regardless of the student’s starting skill level.

I take the complicated parts of Jazz drumming and make them easy to understand. My goal is that you really learn how to play Jazz on drums.  I’ll take the mystery out of Jazz drumming helping you to integrate Jazz into your current playing.

If you’re a beginner drummer, I recommend the Intro To Jazz Drumming course. There, you’ll learn basic Jazz drum beats, drum fills and concepts. You’ll get a solid foundation for your Jazz drumming.

After completing the Intro course, my Jazz drummer independence course will take your drumming to a much higher level.

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