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Fun to Play

“These tracks are fun to play, with enough challenging hits for every level. Beginners to professionals will enjoy playing these tracks.” -John C.


Drumless tracks Jazz for your drum practice

These awesome drumless tracks Jazz tunes are a great practice tool to help you improve your Jazz Swing feel, time and comping.

Get better feel from practice with these drumless tracks Jazz songs

To play Jazz Swing drums well with other musicians you need confidence in three areas. The first area is Swing feel.  This is the feeling your drumming projects to the other band members and the audience.

If you’ve got good feel, people tap their toes, bob their heads or clap their hands, usually without realizing they are doing it.

The second area is solid time.  When other musicians or singers perform with you, they are going to rely on your ability to hold a steady tempo from the beginning to end of each tune.

These drumless tracks Jazz practice songs will help you develop your internal metronome.  This will help you keep the time steady in you Jazz Swing and other drumming.

The third area comping. The word “comping” is short for “accompanying.”  This is what you play rhythmically on the drums with your hands and feet that complement the rhythm of the other instruments.

Cueing in to the left hand of the piano will help you know what rhythms you can play with your left hand on the snare drum to match, anticipate or complement the rhythms of the piano.  All of these tracks are groove oriented without solos so you can really dig in and lock in with the pianist and bassist.

Details about these drumless tracks Jazz practice songs

Tempos range from 105-180 BPM and each of the 11 songs include 2 different drumless track versions. One version is with the rhythm section instruments and one is with bass only. Practicing with bass only will help you learn how to “lock in” with the bass player on your gigs.


  • Autumn Swing 105 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (3:53)
  • Love to Swing 180 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (3:00)
  • Moonlight Swing 100 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (4:05)
  • Somber Swing 110 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (3:41)
  • Spring Swing 145 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (2:50)
  • Swing With Me 160 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (3:24)
  • Swinging Away From It All 120 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (3:26)
  • Swinging Blues For You 110 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (3:13)
  • Swinging My Way Back Home 130 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (3:09)
  • Swinging Together 115 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (3:32)
  • That Swinging Feeling 125 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) – (3:16)

Download includes:

  • 1 Zip file containing 22 high-quality MP3 Files. Total file download size is 102MB.

Swing hard with the Jazz 4/4 Swing drumless tracks. Hours of fun while you improve your time, feel and Jazz comping skills.

Note: Every drumless track collection has unique songs. No songs are shared in multiple collections.

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Rick W.
Buy It !

I really can’t say anymore about it. If you're new to Jazz or not and need to work on your time etc. Buy It ! Great value for your money !!!!

Rick, thanks so much for your review! I'm really happy the tracks are helpful. Swing on my friend!