Notation For Drums – Almost Jazz Standards Volumes 1-3


Learn reading notation for drums while you master your Jazz drumming. Reading drum charts like these will make you both a better and busier drummer.


Notation For Drums

This is the notation for drums (drum sheet music) that goes with the following drumless tracks:

Reading notation for drums is an essential skill in Jazz drumming and these PDF drum charts will help you master that skill. Not only will drum chart reading help you play better, it’ll get you more opportunities to play.

Notation for drums is actually quite simple and once you get the hang of it, it won’t be intimidating.  Instead, it’ll be like a helpful friend to tell you the arrangement of a song and what to play on the drums.

Notation For Drums In Many Styles Of Music

In Jazz drumming we are called on to play a wide range of drumming styles. These drumless tracks and drum charts include many of those styles. By playing along with each of the different drumless tracks and reading the notation for drums, you’ll strengthen your musicianship.

These are also the kind of drum sheet music, you’ll typically find on a Jazz drumming gig.  Using the drumless tracks together with these drum charts is a great way to maximize your drum practice time.

Included in Almost Jazz Standards Volume 1 PDF Drum Charts:

  • BELLMONT AVENUE – If I Were A Bell
  • CONTEMPLATION – Confirmation
  • INSENSITIVITY – How Insensitive
  • MOODY – I’m In The Mood For Love
  • TOOTS IT! – Bluesette

Download includes:

One 340 KB ZIP file containing 5 individual PDF’s.

Included in Almost Jazz Standards Volume 2 PDF Drum Charts

  • ANOTHER THANG – Just One of Those Things
  • BEAUTIFUL HEART – My Foolish Heart
  • IT’S GOT TO BE LOVE – This Can’t Be Love
  • KALEIDOSCOPIC – Fascinating Rhythm
  • SHADY SIDE – On The Sunny Side of the Street

Download includes:

One 354 KB ZIP file containing 5 individual PDF’s.

Included in Almost Jazz Standards Volume 3 PDF Drum Charts

  • STEEL PAN MAN – St. Thomas
  • ATLAS – At Last
  • GREEN STREET GROOVE – On Green Dolphin Street
  • STANDBY – Stand By Me
  • TAKIN’ MY TIME – Take Five

Download includes:

One  ZIP file containing 5 individual PDF’s totaling 345 KB.

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Here’s a sample of the notation for drums in this package

Click here to view a sample of the drum chart for Contemplation

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