Almost Jazz Standards Volume 1 – Drumless Tracks



Almost Jazz Standards

Improve your Jazz drums comping, time and feel, various drum grooves, trading fours and eights and drum solos. This is the first volume in a series of Jazz Standards arranged specifically for your Jazz drum practice.  These drumless tracks will help you get ready to play real Jazz gigs.

Masterfully played Jazz Standards drumless tracks by two top Jazz musicians in Japan.  Pianist, composer and Jazz educator Dr. Phillip Strange, arranged many of these Jazz Standards.  The chords are the same but the melodies are changed.

That’s why I call these “Almost” Jazz Standards.  You get the feeling of the original song but with a special twist uniquely created for this series.

Brushes Mastery Course Jazz Standards

The audio of these tracks comes from the practice videos for my Brushes Mastery Course.  In the Brushes Mastery Course, you can play along with these amazing tracks while also watching video of the incredible artistry of Phillip Strange on piano and Tetsuro Aratama on acoustic bass.

Jazz Standards drum notation/drum charts

Reading drum charts (drum notation) is one of the most important skills you need to be a successful working drummer.  All of these drumless tracks have drum charts too. Be sure and get those to take your musicianship to the next level.

Get all of the Almost Jazz Standards drumless tracks and PDF drum charts for a nice price and save money.

Almost Jazz Standards Volumes 2 and 3

Purchase Volumes 2 and 3 to get an even wider variety of styles and playing situations. Brazilian Partito Alto/Samba, Bossa Nova, 4/4 Swing, 3/4 Swing, 5/4 Swing, Pop, Jazz Ballad, Straight Eights, New Orleans Second Line, 12/8 Blues, Afro-Latin, Calypso-Soca and Fast Swing are included in Volumes 1-3.

Included in Almost Jazz Standards Volume 1

    • BELLMONT AVENUE – If I Were A Bell – (5:48) – Jazz Swing
    • CONTEMPLATION – Confirmation – (8:29) – Jazz Swing
    • INSENSITIVITY – How Insensitive – (9:10) – Bossa Nova
    • MOODY – I’m In The Mood For Love – (9:36) – Jazz Ballad
    • TOOTS IT! – TAKE 1 – Bluesette – (7:37) – 3/4 Swing
    • TOOTS IT! – TAKE 2 – Bluesette – (6:09) – 3/4 Swing

All tracks are high-fidelity MP3’s.

Download includes:

  • 1 ZIP file containing 6 individual MP3’s totaling 67.4 MB.

Note: Every drumless track collection has unique songs. No songs are shared in multiple collections.

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