Backing Tracks For Drums and More

“Finally, someone who gets how we need to practice to learn this style!  Real players, real tunes, no clicks and very long arrangements.  Great stuff!”

-John S.

“I appreciate your diligent, well-played and recorded backing tracks for drums by great musicians!”

-John Cushon

Drum instructor, drummer for Oleta Adams, recording artist and producer

What Are Backing Tracks For Drums?

Backing tracks for drums also called drumless tracks, minus drums tracks and play-along tracks, are recordings of songs without the drum parts. These tracks are often used by drummers to practice playing along with a song.

They can also be used by musicians of other instruments to practice playing with a band. Here are 6 ways you can use drumless tracks to improve your drumming skills.

Practice keeping time

Without a drummer to keep the beat, you’ll need to rely on your own sense of time to stay in sync with the song. Drumless tracks can replace the need for a metronome to help strenghthen your internal time.

Using drumless tracks instead of a metronome is also a lot more fun than only using a metronome. It also gives you feeling of playing music with your drumming.

Develop your timing

Playing along with a drumless track can help you develop your sense of timing, especially when it comes to playing with a band. Practicing drums in isolation is great for working out the mechanics of drumming.

At some point though, you’ll want to prepare yourself for playing with other musicians. Backing tracks for drums are a great way to get you ready for the bandstand.

Practice different styles

Drumless tracks come in a wide variety of styles, from rock to funk to jazz. Here at my store, I specialize in Jazz drumless tracks. You’ll find everything you need here to practice the many styles of drumming we use in Jazz drumming.


Once you’re comfortable with a drumless track, try to improvise and add your own drum parts to the song, experimenting with different groove patterns, drum fills and styles of drumming.

Many of the drumless tracks here also help you with your trading fours and eights drum soloing, Jazz drums comping and many other improvisational skills we use in Jazz drumming. Practicing along with these tracks will greatly expand your musical vocabulary.

Practice different parts of the song

My drumless tracks will also teach you about song form and help you know how to transition your drum patterns between sections of a tune. You can also focus on one specific part of the song, such as the A section or B section, and practice playing along with just that section.

Record yourself

Record yourself playing along with my drumless tracks so you can listen back and evaluate your performance. This will help you identify areas where you need improvement and track your progress over time.

Remember to take it slow and be patient with yourself. With practice, you’ll be able to play along with drumless tracks with ease and confidence.

Need Help With Your Drumming?

When you practice with my drumless tracks you’ll discover things you need to improve in your drumming. If you need some help upgrading your drumming, take a look at my Jazz Drum School. Lots of great drum lessons that will transform your playing.

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Showing 1–12 of 31 results